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Adoption Application

Name(s) of dogs or cats you wish to adopt (include breeds and ages)
Applicants name
If you are 21 or younger, how old are you?
Telephone - work
Telephone - home
Home address
Do you live in a
Do you own or rent?
If you do NOT rent your home, are you the owner of the home? Who owns the house?

You must provide the name and phone number of your landlord or condo association within 24 hours or we will move on to the next applicant.

Landlord name
Landlord phone
Applicants employer
Does anyone in your home have allergies to animals?
Does anyone have asthma? Yes
What size is your yard in square feet?
Is your yard totally fenced in?
Where will the pet be kept during the day? Please provide detail. If in the house, where in the house? If outside, where outside? RESPONSE IS REQUIRED. APPLICATION WILL BE REJECTED IF NOT ANSWERED.
Where will the pet be kept during the night? Please provide detail. If in the house, where in the house? If outside, where outside?
Where will the pet be kept during routine absences such as trips to the grocery store? Please provide detail. If in the house, where in the house? If outside, where outside?
Do you have a pet door? If so, how is it used, how often is it used, and under what circumstances? Yes
Do you have a crate? If so, how is it used, how often is it used, and under what circumstances?
How many adults live in your home?
How many children live in your home?
What are the ages of the children?
If you do not have children yourself, are there children who visit your home regularly (defined as once a month)? Describe the situation in as much detail as possible. Are they relatives? Are these children supervised? Please provide details. Failure to respond in detail will delay your application.
I understand that Tailed Treasures has placed limitations on the types of households in which certain dogs will be placed. For example, some dogs will not be placed in homes with young children. Yes
Are you, your spouse or partner, housemate or anyone residing with you currently pregnant? What is her relationship to the applicant and when is the child due? Will the mother and child be living with the applicant following the birth?
Is anyone home during the day?
How many hours at one stretch will the pet be without humans each day?
Who will be the primary caregiver?
Are you willing and able to provide pet care for the next ten or more years, including vet checks, vaccinations, boarding, medical care, indoor housing, etc.?
What do you think pet care costs per year, including animal vaccinations, food, toys, minimal boarding, grooming, etc.?
Are you willing and able to support a pet? Yes
We require all animals adopted from us to be spayed or neutered. Do you have any questions or reservations about this policy?

Please list all pets you have owned in the past ten years. If none, then include pets owned in childhood. PLEASE LIST ANY ANIMALS RESIDING WITH YOU, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT OWN THEM.

Pet 1
Pet 2
If you have additional pets, please list their names and ages here, and provide additional information as possible.
If you have ever had a pet lost, disappear, or die at an early age, please provide details (dogs dying before age 10 or cats before age 14).
Have you ever sold, given away, or surrendered a pet? Yes
How do you plan to exercise your dog? (provide details)
Have you ever trained a dog? yes
Are you willing to give this dog time to adjust to its new environment and family members? yes
How much time are you willing to give the dog to adjust to its new environment and family members?
The animal may not be housebroken. Are you willing to take the time to work with the animal?
Are there any existing circumstances (e.g., health, family, professional, financial) that could result in your being unable to take care of this dog? What are they?
Why did you choose this Pet?
We require a home visit as part of the application process. Will you comply? Yes
We require that all family members, including animals, meet the animal prior to placement. Will you comply? Yes
Is there anything else we should know that would help us to understand your application?

I certify that I have answered all questions honestly and to the best of my ability. I understand that any misrepresentations of fact may result in removal of the adopted pet from my home.

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Give-Up Information Form

Your name
Pets name
Pets breed
This animal is
Approximate weight
Length of time youve owned this animal
Formal obediance training Yes
Walks nicely on a leash? Yes
Other training-related comments
Never has a problem with other dogs? yes
Sometimes has problems with female dogs? Yes
Is dominant, himself or herself? Yes
Explain, if necessary
Has lived with cats
Has been around cats and is okay with them?
Has your dog ever seen a behaviorist? Please describe.
Is okay with children?
Completely housetrained? Yes
How does dog tell you he or she wants to go out?
Is okay with a fenced-in yard?
Digs in yard? Yes
Does the pet have any fears (i.e., thunderstorms, loud noises, etc.)?
Does the pet chew things up?
If yes, what?
Can you take things from your pets mouth?
Can you take toys and food away from your pet?
Is there any part of your pets body that it doesnt like touched (i.e., paws, tail, back, etc.)?
Is your pet destructive when left alone?
Has your pet ever bitten a human being?
Date last heartworm meds given
Heartworm med type
Date last flea treatment
Rabies vaccination date
DHLPP vaccination dates
Bordetella dates
Brand and type of food
What sort of exercise? (For example, if walks, what distance? If yard time, how much?)
Do you have another dog of other pets in the home? Describe.
Where does the dog sleep?
Names of medications your pet is on and dosages pet must take
Provide any other information you believe would help the foster family for your pet
Extra Info:
Why are you giving up this pet?
Are you willing to keep this pet until we can find a home for it?
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