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Keep Your Dog Safe with Proper ID – Cesar Millan
April 2009 Issue 2
Cesar Millan Greetings,

To me, providing proper identification is a part of responsible dog ownership. There are many options to help ensure your dog's safe return, such as microchips and GPS tracking devices, but even a simple, inexpensive tag on a collar can make all the difference in reuniting you with your canine companion. Only 12 to 15 percent of lost dogs are returned to their owners, according to the National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy. The majority of the dogs who made their way home had some form of identification.

Licensing is another important part of keeping your dog safe and being a good citizen. Pet licenses help us to keep track of how many animals there are, enabling us to better cope with the pet overpopulation problem. In many areas, the money from licensing goes straight to shelters, animal cruelty investigations, spay/neuter programs, and other animal-related services. In return, your dog receives the help of those services if he is lost. In many areas, dogs with a license are returned directly to their owners, rather than making a trip to the shelter first. And if they do make their way to the shelter, they are held longer to give you more time to find them and provided with emergency medical treatment if necessary.

National Pet ID Week starts today. In honor of this event, I encourage you to consider your dog's ID. Are you complying with local laws? Do you want to utilize an additional form of identification? Is your dog's microchip compatible with local shelters and rescues?

Stay calm and assertive,

Cesar Millan

Spay and Neuter is Nothing to "Whisper" About
The Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation has just launched its Spay & Neuter is Nothing to "Whisper" About campaign, starring Cesar himself. The campaign consists of a television and radio public service announcement, a ready-to-print newspaper or magazine ad, full-color posters, and a flyer that makes it easy to share this important information with your community.

"We provide this campaign for free to shelters, veterinarians, spay and neuter clinics, and schools. Our hope is that Cesar's plea to make sure pets are fixed will motivate more people to take this important measure and to ensure everyone is doing their part to stop pet overpopulation," states Executive Director Stacey Candella.

If your organization is interested in participating in this campaign, you can find more information and view the Public Service Announcement here.

Keep Your Dog Safe with Proper ID
Proper identification helps ensure that your dog can make its way home in the case of theft, loss, or other emergency situations. Using more than one method of identification can increase your dog's chances of being returned.

The Pros and Cons of 5 Forms of Doggy ID.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety
You come home from a long day at work to a spinning, jumping whirlwind of energy. Your dog follows you into your living room, where you find that he has chewed on your favorite pair of shoes. Your neighbor comes by to tell you that, once again, your dog has been driving the neighborhood crazy by howling and barking while you were away.

Is this scenario familiar? Your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. In nature, dogs are almost never away from their pack. It is our job to help make this unnatural situation less stressful.

Find out how.

Pack Profile: Chaplin
The Little Tramp

Picture the scene: Los Angeles in the year 2008. It's the height of the Great Recession. A gentleman of fine grooming and good character enjoys a late afternoon constitutional with his beloved canine companion. Out from beneath a hedge waddle a pair of adorable mutts, covered in soot and grime. Their breed is indeterminable. They trot behind, as filthy and happy as clams, and follow our protagonist to his home. Wacky hijinks ensue, culminating in a heart-warming denouement in which the dogs are adopted into loving homes and everyone learns the true value of pack leadership.

If this all sounds like the plot of an old, silent comedy, then you'll certainly agree that the younger of this scrappy pair, with his turned-out feet, shaggy black and white coat, and happy-go-lucky energy, earned his new name: Chaplin.

Chaplin and his sister Izzy are something of a mystery. They came to...

Read more.

Hero of the Month & Next Newsletter
That about wraps things up for the April edition of the Cesar Millan, Inc. e-newsletter, but we'll be back bright and early in May to bring you more of the quality canine content you've come to expect from us.

To wrap up this issue, we're very pleased to bring you the story of Jennie Palmer, Cesar's Hero of the Month. Special thanks to Gary Gibbs of Derby, Kansas for the nomination!

To nominate someone deserving, visit our contact form.


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