Smiley Chalfant MISSING - North Charleston, South Carolina

TONKA IS MISSING FROM HIS FOSTER HOME IN NORTH CHARLESTON, PLEASE CONTACT THE RESCUE IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT HIM. REWARD FOR HIS SAFE RETURN!!! Tonka is the newest member of the rescue and comes to us from Atlanta where he was supposed to be PTS. An amazing ...couple took him in and contacted us for help, we couldn't resist because this boy is super sweet and a total love bug!!


location:  Signal Hill in lake Braddock high school area. In Burke, VA.
First day in new forever home, China managed to bolt through the door.  She is a blue Chow (looks similar to Black) and is wearing a green Martindale collar.  She is two years old and not well socialized so may run if approached.   If seen, please call 301 775-2777


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Thankful for everyone here & how they ban together for the animals!
Wish to possibly help prevent cases like Smiley's from happening to others.
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Thank you all so much for your support.
Smiley's human mom, Vicki

"Never Give Up"

Contact Info
Website: http://www.myspace.com/dogmissingusa


Hi Dear Kind People,
our cat Stacy is missing last night and we are crying.
She is  the indoor cat, 4 years old, spyed, looks like a Siamese cat, has  blue eyes, white chin and white paws. She is very kind, friendly and quet cat. She has a 'red eye' infection now and we were treating it with  medication.
We live at The Rio Center in Gaithersburg and will do our best to try to find her.
If you know something about our Stacy or somebody brought her to your shelter, please give us a call and we are going to pick her up immediately.
Our cells are:   202-689-4224 - Elena,
                      202-286-1710  - Inna.
Thank you very much for your understanding and help!!



Do any of you guys know of a boarding facility that will give a discount for boarding a dog?  This pup was found by Diane Roadcap on the side of 495 and was hit by a car (see leg below).  Luckily it was just bruising.  A girl who had also stopped to try and help ended up taking him to her vet and then home (where she has 2 dogs – one an aggressive dog, and 2 cats) She kept him locked out in her back yard, and tied to a tree in her front yard when her dogs were out and tonight ended up taking him to the shelter.  She had received a number of offers from people to foster the dog while we continue to look for his owners but for some reason didn’t follow up on them.  My friend Kevin Anderson also reached out to her about helping.

Foster care is our first priority but we are also looking for a boarding facility as back up.  Kevin is going on vacation for a week and I don’t personally know the other folks who have stepped up

Any ideas or help would be great – He seems to be a great dog, - neutered male – young (maybe 1-3 years according to Diane) HW – just a bit bruised and battered from being hit by a car going 65 mph +  (no microchip.. )

Thanks Chris


Lost male dog,  Beagle/Terrior mix, weighs about 35 lbs, 

Name is Petee Boy,    Photo in attachment.

Last seen near Balls Ford Rd, 234 Business and RTE 66.  

If found, please call 703-774-2293 (cell) or 703-330-5108.



I saw your posting on Craigslist and wanted to post a lost dog on your website that I am helping to find named Berdina.  We've done everything we can to find her but haven't had sightings in a couple weeks.  She's lost in an area where there's a lot of parks so it's easy for her to hide. We've advertised in the PG Gazette, Craigslist, and put fliers all over the area where she's been seen.  We haven't been able to find many blogs or other ways to advertise in Hyattsville.  Here's a brief description and I've attached 2 photos.  Please let me know if you need any more info.  Thanks so much for your help!!
Lost foster dog - female pit bull mix named "Berdina."  White/gray/brindle.  She is about 2 years old, spayed, and friendly, although she now seems to be very skittish.  She got lost in the Ft. Totten area in DC at the end of April but has been tracked to Hyattsville, MD.  The last sightings of her have been around Rosa Parks Elementary school and Heurich Park on Ager Road.  Please help us bring her home!
REWARD for information leading to her safe return.  Please call us if you see her:  202-230-4493


hi, our cockatiel is missing .thank you for your help. cheri


Female Black & Brown and white on the chest Lab/Hound Mix 2 yrs old Sally Mae last seen on Neddleton Ave/Nassua Dr on July 4th @ 11:54 pm very skiddish and afraid of people. Please help me find her. Please contact at email address or the following phone numbers. 352-895-5446 /352-274-8827


Lost dog please help! He broke off his leash and was last seen in the Manassas area on July 4th. Marlow is a Puggle. (Beagle/pug mix) He is very loved and his Mommy is so worried about him! Please forward this to anyone and everyone! There is a reward offered for Marlow. Please help!!!!     




Three of our  dogs have escaped from their foster homes. We urgently need your help finding them. All three of these dogs are tiny and very scared .  It’s going to take real effort on our part to not only find them but to catch them once they’re sighted. Because  they are so frightened, the more people helping the more likely we’ll be successful in catching them. If you can help search for them, please contact the foster parents.  I’ve listed each dog, where it was lost and the foster contact information. I’ve also attached photos of each one. PLEASE help us find these poor little babies before something happens to them.
  Snowball, a small (about 8 pounds) female Papillon mix (picture  attached) escaped  in South Riding near the Loudoun County Parkway. Snowball is wearing a  burgundy collar and still has a leash(flowered) attached. She has her AFH tag on.  Holly is taking the lead on this search. She can be contacted at 703-282-7081.  Her foster is Maureen.  She can be contacted on her cell  571-244-6232.

Spottie, a small ( about 5.8 pounds) female Papillon mix (picture attached)   ran out the door with her leash(flowered) and dark brown leather collar on. She was last seen on Monument Drive in the Fair Oaks area.  She’s also wearing an AFH tag . Spottie was just spayed on Thursday. The vet used glue instead of stitches. When the glue gets wet, the incision comes undone. It’s raining so it CRITICAL that she be found fast or it could mean her life. Her foster is Sarah and her cell is 703-822-1181.
Desi , a small (about 8 pounds) purebred male Chihuahua (picture attached) was lost in the Centreville area near Stone Road. Her harness broke while he was being walked. He has on a red harness, red collar and an AFH tag. His foster mom is Joanna and she can be reach on her cell 703-402-1878.
This is a desperate situation and we need to move VERY FAST!!!!!!!
Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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Brown head, ears, eyes. Black back with spotted white legs. He has on a new red collar with reflective paw prints on the collar and several tags, one with his name Louis “Pops” Jenkins, our address and our phone number; one with his rabies license number and one with information about his Microchip #020A632*323. He also has a red harness with a red retractable leash in tow!

Please help us find him!!!!!

CALL 301-816-2976


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LOST NEUTERED MALE BEAGLE Brown head, ears, eyes. Black back with spotted white legs. He has on a new red collar with reflective paw prints on the collar and several tags, one with his name Louis “Pops” Jenkins, our address and our phone number; one with his rabies license number and one with information about his Microchip #020A632*323. He also has a red harness with a red retractable leash in tow!

Please help us find him!!!!!

CALL 301-816-2976



Lost Dog 2008-06-25

Hey Everyone
>    Billy, small beagle mix has been seen in the N George Mason 
> Drive and Wilson Blvd, Bluemont Park area and Patrick Henry Apts. 
> The LATEST sighting was the Wakefield High School Area bwtn South 
> Edison  and North Park Street. He is mostly black and brown. Was 
> wearing red collar with tags but collar may have come off.
> Billy is shy and timid but will NOT bite. Do not chase him as he 
> may run into traffic to get away. Try to herd him in an enclosed 
> area he may follow at a distance. REWARD for his safe return

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2008-05-19 Female – ginger/ tanish color (like Max –my dog)  and squarer face with black and white markings.

 Older female,  had red collar on with loop for tag but no tags..

 Bad hind legs / hips?  Right worse  - was found wandering early this AM 6:30  (Sunday  5/18/2008) on Derbyshire Court.

 She is currently at the Humane Society her A #  is

 A08-020129 –

 Please forward to anyone you think could be the owner or in the neighborhood who may have a dog.. They may be on vacation and dog sitter accidentally may have lost the dog.  If owners are not found dog will most likely be put down  Fri May 23rd

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Some good news - there was a sighting.  a woman who saw the dog at 1:30 this afternoon near Ferry Farms Vet Clinic on the outskirts of Fredericksburg.  The dog wouldn't come to her.

This is good news - he hasn't traveled far from the earlier sighting - likely because there are food places kind of close to where he's hiding.  The bad news is that it is a semi-rural area with lots of thick woods - next to that is a highway.

Being a small dog, I'm fairly certain he's sticking to clear paths rather than thick woods.

Keep your fingers crossed


5/18/08 - 3:50 pm - I'm heading down there in a little while, but here's the latest.

Jen Nall [jennaluv2@yahoo.com]

This is the latest information that we have, so the last spotting of him was last night.  If anyone is near this area, PLEASE consider going out to look for him.  If you need gas money to get there, I can offer that.  THANK YOU!!!  ~Jen

The last that I heard, the Fredericksburg Police spotted him on Route 3 east, on the blue/gray parkway.  He had just crossed the Rappahannock River bridge when he turned and headed down an embankment.  I went there this a.m. and called his name, but saw and heard nothing.  The embankment is steep and full of underbrush, so nearly impossible to go down and search it.