Jill Barsky received a phone call about six months ago around 3 o'clock AM. A couple from Baltimore MD, observed a female stabbing a small dog with a butcher knife repeatedly and then tossing the dog in the dumpster. The couple immediately ran outside searching through the dumpster and found a small Shepard mix with life threatening injuries to his side and neck. The couple found Jill's name in the Pet Companion and called her. Jill immediately made medical arrangements for the small victim, and off we both went to where Eddie was being treated. The hospital started immediate surgery, and hours later, we were told that Eddie will survive.


After several days in the hospital, it was time for Eddie to be taken too a new home and get the love he so deserved. Jill Barsky had just rented a house on our street to a couple who were looking for a dog. After talking with the couple and insuring that they would be able to meet our requirements Eddie was brought to them. Little Eddie still limping and very unsure of anyone after his traumatic event, crawled to there couch and rested his little head on there couch. Both of them immediately fell in love with Eddie and have since adopted him. Eddie has truly over come obstacles. Eddie now gets to play ball, Sleep on mom and dad's chest, go camping, Swimming and Hiking. Eddie is truly amazing!!! Thank you to you all for adopting little Eddie and giving him the love he needed so very much. You both are Hero's in my eyes.

Here's Eddie with his new sister Ms. Wiggles



Eddies movie comming soon